Managing your finances can be complex. Part of our commitment at Manasquan Bank is to simplify your banking and provide you with easy-to-access, easy-to-follow resources that help you navigate our tools, products and services. We’ve sourced video tutorials for virtually everything under the sun, and gathered them all here on one page. Click through to find answers to your questions and get more out of your Manasquan Bank experience.

Click-Through Demos

Business Online Banking

Try out a simulated business online checking account to learn the basics of online banking for your business.

Mobile Banking

See how easy mobile banking can be. This demo guides you through Manasquan Bank’s mobile experience, from sign in to sign out and every feature in between.

Online Banking

Take a self-guided tour of a personal online checking account. Online Banking can give you hours back in your day by eliminating unnecessary trips to the bank.

Online Bill Pay

No more licking envelopes or worrying about late payments. See how Online Bill Pay can change your life.

Video Tutorials

Enhanced Security Chip Cards

Learn why chip cards are replacing the traditional magnetic strip, and let us show you how to use your Manasquan Bank chip card with no wasted motion.


Why go paperless? This video shows the benefits of electronic statements, or eStatements, for short.


Manasquan Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Here’s what that means for you.

Health Savings Account

Is a Health Savings Account (HSA) right for your needs and goals? This tutorial explains what an HSA is and how it works, with use cases and eligibility guidelines.

ID Theft For Business

An attorney of the Federal Trade Commission provides a 5-step guide for safeguarding sensitive information within your business.

Identity Theft Prevention

Few consumers know how to truly minimize the risk of identity theft. By the end of this video series, you will be able to spot and steer clear of the most common traps that hackers use.

Merchant Capture

Business moves fast, and so do we. Take a few minutes to discover how quick, easy and secure it is to deposit checks right from your desk using our Merchant Capture.

Mobile Banking

Make deposits, payments and transfers anywhere, any time with Mobile Banking. Using our app, you can also view transactions, manage bills and much more.

Mobile Deposit

Photograph and deposit paper checks with your phone to put your funds into processing sooner.

Mobile Wallet

Using your mobile phone as a debit card has never been easier than with Manasquan Bank’s Mobile Wallet. Learn how it works in less than 90 seconds.

Online Banking

Click into a refreshingly simple way to quickly manage your accounts in real time.

Online Bill Pay

Introducing online Bill Pay, the easy, fast and secure place to pay all your bills in one place.

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