Personal Banking

At Manasquan Bank, we understand that everyone’s personal banking needs are different. We offer a variety of accounts without making it complicated. From basic free checking to interest bearing accounts that help you maximize your money or save for the future. All of our personal banking accounts are complemented by modern conveniences like online banking, mobile banking, e-statements and more! Best of all, you’ll be personally served and treated as a valued member of our local community!

Personal Banking. Personally Served.

Personal banking in NJ

Personal Checking

Open an account with us today and begin enjoying FREE Online Banking with FREE Bill Pay, Text and Mobile Banking, a FREE Bonus Visa® Check Card and much more!

Personal banking in NJ

Personal Savings

Saving for college, retirement, your next dream vacation, a wedding, or a down payment on your first home; Manasquan Bank can help you hit your financial goals.

Other Personal Banking Products

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Would you like to grow your money in a safe, secure account with a guaranteed rate of return? We have a CD that is right for you!

IRA & Coverdell ESA

We’ll get you started saving for your future with Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts!

IRA & Coverdell ESA from Manasquan Bank

Lending Programs

Manasquan Bank customers can borrow for any worthwhile purpose. Whether you need a home, vehicle, or personal loan, we can help!

Personal banking lending programs from Manasquan Bank