HomeStart Program

Affordable Home Loans for Low-and Moderate-Income Borrowers

Everyone in our community should be able to experience the joy and pride of owning a home. With the cost of living in the Garden State among the highest nationwide, Manasquan Bank is helping more New Jerseyans move closer to homeownership with the HomeStart Program for low- and moderate-income borrowers.

Connect your loan to automatic payments from a Manasquan Bank checking account to receive a 1/8% interest rate reduction when, prior to closing you elect to have your loan payments automatically deducted from a Manasquan Bank checking account. The HomeStart Program can be used with any Manasquan Bank mortgage, including:

  • (Fixed Rates, Adjustable Rates, or Bi-weekly loans)

Additionally, your application fee will be refunded at closing. Income limits apply.

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Program Details

  • 15% down, no PMI and no increase to interest rate
  • 1/8% rate reduction off normal rate (if you have your mortgage payment automatically deducted from a Manasquan Bank checking account)
  • 1/8% off normal margin on Adjustable Mortgage Loans
  • Application fee refundable at loan closing
  • No hidden fees

Tools to Get You Closer to Home

Calculate PaymentCalculate a monthly payment and view the options.

Calculators: These calculators offer assistance as you research which type of mortgage is best for you, deciding if it is the right time to refinance, or if you’re ready to purchase a home.

Apply OnlineReady to get going? Use our online portal to jump-start the application process.

Learning Center:  To assist you in your understanding of the home lending process, our learning center provides the following resources: a mortgage glossary of important industry terms, how to get a loan, types of loans, and the basics of home buying.

Mortgage ChecklistReview what documents you need to apply for your home loan.

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