Control your debit card with CardValet!

Our newest mobile app feature gives you the convenience to control and monitor your debit card usage. Misplace your debit card? Don’t panic! With CardValet you can turn it off and back on again with just one swipe.

Allow CardValet to safeguard your debit card:

  • Turn your card “off” or “on”
  • Block certain transactions
  • Restrict transaction amounts & merchants
  • Set location preferences

CardValet provides you with peace of mind over how, when and where your debit cards can be used.

Download our mobile banking app, so you can start taking advantage of these new features today!

Mobile starts here — get the app!

Download the Manasquan Bank mobile banking app from:

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Managing your debit cards has never been faster or easier.

CardValet CardValet
Users can reach the Cards icon under More. Users can also reach the Cards icon by clicking on the Manage My Cards icon located under Accounts. Debit cards associated with the users account will automatically load into the card carousel and users can swipe through to locate the card they want. Users can block all transactions by toggling on Block Card. They can also report a lost or stolen card and set card limits.
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