Branch Services

A great bank is so much more than deposits and loans. Take advantage of the many services that we offer to enhance your banking experience.

Debit Card Instant Issue

Is your debit card lost or damaged?  No worries, we’ll replace it instantly at any one of our branch locations.  It only takes minutes to get you back up and running! You’ll leave with your new card in hand, activated and ready to use! To report a lost/stolen card or PIN, please call 1-800-554-8969.

Night Depository

All of our branch locations offer a secure, 24-hour night deposit for our business customers. Simply place your deposit in our night safe and we will credit your account on the next business day. We will provide you with a night deposit bag accompanied with two keys, one to lock the bag and the other to access the night depository.

Cash Advances

Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card cash advances are available at all branch locations.

Self-Service Coin Counting

Turn your loose change into dollars! The coin counting machines are free for all bank customers and available at each branch.

Wire Transfers

We are a member of Fedline. Depositors can wire funds to other banks within and outside of the United States. Please obtain wire transfer instructions from the receiving bank. Call your local branch for additional details.

Change of Address

To protect the security of your information, we require an original signed form to change your address. Download it here. Then stop by a local branch or drop it in the mail to make the change.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer safe deposit box rentals to secure important personal documents and possessions.  All of our branches, except Bay Head, offer a range of safe deposit box sizes. Boxes are subject to availability. Please call your local branch to check availability and current rates.

The valuable contents of your safe deposit box are not insured by us or the FDIC.  Insurance is now available for as little as $25 per year.  To learn more and purchase safe deposit box insurance today, click here.

Savings Bond Redemption

U.S. Savings Bonds can be redeemed at your local branch. However, paper savings bonds are no longer sold at financial institutions and must be purchased online via the Treasury Direct website. To calculate the value of your paper savings bond, use this handy online calculator.

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